Sunday, May 23, 2010

Move out target date nears!

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So our agreed move out date is drawing close at hand. Emotions, as we pack for the "just in case" moveout, increase. While not concerned for ourselves; our concern for daughter's arrangments and our 3 golden's situation mounts. We have contingency plans for them, but it IS disruptive of lives, no doubt. Our ability to focus on building business is lessened.

We have more legal maneuvers and a lawsuit that is actually stronger than most for basic suit. As we try to employ these we hope for the best. We'd rather fight from within the home than from outside of it.

If you are in a foreclosure, try to do a TRO (temporary restraining order) BEFORE the sale... (not legal advice just sharing what we learned the hard way). Evidentially it does not work AFTER a forcible detainer has been entered (at least that is my understanding); you will have to read up on it. I will try to supply some links later that might be helpful.

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