Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lawyers speak out: Arizona victims of illegal foreclosures left out in the cold

Arizona victims of illegal foreclosures still waiting for compensation:

Beth Findsen - highlighted in this article is one of my heroes. Her office cared enough to help us over the phone to find direction because they could not see us - there was a YEAR wait for help. We were put on a waiting list for emergency help - but choose to go Pro Se while waiting.  

(if you have been helped by John with Pro Se - please scroll to bottom of article for important information)

Beth was one of the few lawyers practising that GOT IT (in the same way our local pro-se leaders got it) - that understood that banks were illegally foreclosing. 

Today, there are a few other lawyers "get it," but with no better results than the Pro Se people, no monies awarded for homeowners yet (in Arizona). Settlement money? $300 -$1,000 doesn't cover legal fees, or moving costs and is a bribe not an award (in my opinion).
FLIPPING is on the rise - Real Estate is heating up. The same things that got us in this mess are back full vengeance  - So I am putting out a CALL TO ACTION that will take you three - five minutes a week:
Victims still have families that were split apart,no money is going to change the emotional harm done to those that were told to go into default and then left hung out to dry. The Settlement money SHOULD have gone to victims - and especially those that took the time to make complaints with EVIDENCE TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.  I personally went to the Attorney Generals office 3 times with evidence. 

CALL TO ACTION: Go to Facebook and/or Twitter and post a note REGULARLY to the Attorney General, The Governor, The President and media outletsAnswer their posts about immigration and brags of accomplishments for Arizona or America---- tell them they aren't doing anything to help over 11 million victims. 

DON'T let the status quo win! just 300 people doing this will make a difference - there were 11 million affected directly - do you think 300 will take 3 minutes????????????????????????????????????? JUST DO IT Demand answers - don't settle for the status quo and no answers.

SECOND: Share the article above with people you know - email, social media, in person. OR share this blogpost!

THIRD if you were helped by John Stewart in any way - by meeting with others or being given encouragement or taught how to think for yourself and learn - then consider donating to him as he is in the trial for his life.  Either help yourself by buying his Quiet Title Self Help Series or help him with a direct donation.

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