Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monroe Maxhimer: Great friend and wonderful supporter of foreclosure defense died Monday

Update June 12, 2013:  There will be a goodbye dinner to celebrate Monroe's life on Saturday - please reserve

Today, I bring sad news of Monroe Maxhimer's death. He died on Monday June 3, 2013 of a heart attack. Monroe was deceptively young looking and totally young in spirit. The news of his passing brings a melancholy ache in the heart. His passing will leave a hole in many people's lives. If you were local to Phoenix Arizona and fighting foreclosure - then you saw him during meetings and court hearings. 

According to online white pages there is only 1 Monroe Maxhimer and we have to agree with that!  I loved seeing Monroe at the court room battles for foreclosure fighters. Watching Monroe support a person wrongfully charged with murder and Monroe's faithfulness in attending (over the course of five years) every single hearing and the entire trial, gave a certain reassurance that all was going to be okay, no matter what. 

Monroe was willing to share his knowledge but did not force it on people and for those that listened to him for even five minutes knew he was brilliant. He lent his support readily to causes that promoted freedom. He lived his values - helping others and fighting for truth. His conviction and willingness to follow that conviction is a solid example to us all. 

Monroe always was helping others and even in death he had made sure that others came first in his decision to not have a big funeral or any services.  Instead Monroe will be cremated and people can send condolences to the family privately.  
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