Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MUST READ: Man's Medical ABUSE after traffic stop! Constitution matters - BOYCOTT NEW MEXICO

CALL TO ACTION: If you believe in constitutional rights -- BOYCOTT NEW MEXICO - News - Bubblews: "Additionally the lawsuit is filed on

Sure the police are being sued - but so what? Will that stop the abuse? It appear to be pretty wide spread since both Sheriffs of Hildago County and the city of Deming cops were participating in this atrocious assault on Eckert and the assault on our constitution! I f we can't trust common sense and decency, as well as the upholding of constitutional rights to prevail after a +Traffic_stop -- then how can we trust the police to be fair at any time. I am not sure I even believe that this guy blew a stop sign - at this point. Eckert's attorney Shannon Kennedy has stated: ""This is like something out of a science fiction movie — anal probing by government officials and public employees," she said. "

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