Monday, October 20, 2008

Change: Friend ill with Leukemia

Okay so I have been crying most of the weekend. There is a lot of hope with today's medicines so I refuse to be anything but positive and God can work miracles. I hope we don't go socialistic this election as I appreciate the health care we have however wounded in this country. But I am not going to go into election stuff today.

She found out on Friday had a transfusion . Bone marrow testing today and starts chemo on Tuesday and I want to encourage everyone to help raise moeny or at least learn the signs of Leukemia so that you can catch it early if you see symptoms in friends.

My friend was having blackouts well that is fairly obvious something is wrong... But there were other signs.... more frequent sicknesses, coughing, fatique, not feeling good

Here is link to read up more

I hope you all have wonderful week. Please link or whatever as I will be gone for 1 week.

Take care.

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