Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate and TAXES

Two things they say are inevitable. Death and TAXES. I don't mind realistic taxes but Obama just doesn't seem to get it. He will be causes hardship on many Americans who are working hard to succeed, while incurring debt to do so, and planning on not only paying of that debt but enriching others by spending our hard earned income on luxuries like HELP. In other words I am not $227,000 today but ext year I might be. And next year the government will take 1/2 of that if Obama has his way.

As he said he wants to spread the wealth around. WELL when was the last time that ANY government agency did a better job of managing stuff than Joe Blow American.

The glibness of which he brushed off Joe the Plumber (shame on you Biden) is astounding. Has he just been in a bubble of wealth for too long to realize that small business makes JOBS not government and that it takes positive cash flow not taxes to do that????

Lets put it this way. You are a plumbeer and work really hard and exceed the 125,000-160,00 mark with your business. You hire your kid as apprentice and he is working his butt off too and now you are able to work a little harder and make it to the 185,000 - 190,000 mark after paying the kid. Meanwhile the spouse had to get a job to make ends meet and is earning 40,000 on the job plus 12,000 selling online. You are now magically (choke - try work butt off) in the range for 55-60% taxes depending on which model Obama finally settles on out of his vast array of models.

THIS BOTHERS me on so many levels I can't even figure out why my democratic friends haven't figure out the Robin- hood mentality that is being spoken out loud by OBAMA. Listen to the words. I don't' want to be indentured to the government.

Joe the Plumber is no laughing matter and the fact that Obama and Biden can't relate to him without the sneer is a sign of what we might be in for.

I think McCain did okay until the end. I don't' think he sold himself as well in closing as O did... but then do I want a used car salesman selling me the presidency or do I want to go by actions and plans. ?

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