Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Capital Gains and Fear!

Why is it that Barack and Biden and overreacting to some tough questions that EXPERIENCED Joe Biden received? Heck, Palin had way worse thrown at her on SNL and still appeared on the show.

Is the BO machine so babyish that it can’t handle a fair question about statements that BIDEN recently made? I don’t now about you, but lately I am remembering a bunch of the way questions have been handled and sometimes they do okay, but mostly it seems like big baby machine crying that a legitimate fair respectful question is met with disdain and arrogance.

They didn’t get it when Joe the Plumber asked his question and disparaged him, they investigated him in fact – someone going through his DMV records. And with this last situation of a reporter asking Biden about Marxism and the sharing wealth, the Big O machine has said no interviews and chastised the station.

Seems local reports, Rick Warren and Joe the Plumber ask better questions than regular big wig reporters. Maybe media should do a better job overall. Maybe they are too caught up I trying to figure out how much an outfit costs rather than deal with more substantial things like is it okay for the BO machine to accept contributions from overseas without documentation of citizenship. Even Hillary much as I did not support her had standards that were good for America.

Doesn’t it concern anyone of the media that Europeans want to have votes in OUR election because of how it impacts the world and O courts them? For a while there I wondered if he were campaigning to be President of France for instance with all his overseas lovey dovey.

Don’t get me wrong I think we need to have strong allies, but catering and pandering are not the way to achieve that. My advice.. go to any donut shop or McDonalds’ early morning. Look around you and find a group of guys sitting around shooting BS and discussions on issues of the day.. .My guess is you just found a group of veterans’ and you will have some lively debates and learn a lot no matter what camp you come from.

I tell you that you might not see it now but some Dem’s are voting Republican because they don’t like the lying, socialistic stuff they see coming down the turnpike. They wil tell you people are scared of the capital gains increases coming with the BO change mechanism. Heck wouldn’t you want your stock back if you were going to lose 15% of its value to taxes? That’s on top of the 10% early penalty if you have to take it out early… so if you think you might need it early you’d better take it this year not next year.

For being so smart (they say) there is something fundamentally STUPID about a campaign that doesn’t get how capital gains affect every single WORKING INVESTING American. Your job might have matching program and all you can put in is $1.00 a week… may not be much but over time it adds up a little.

You can make 20K a year and still have funds in a 401K if you rolled it over from last higher paying job, or if it was a gift from granddad = facts are you are going to be penalized if you try to make your money work for you . Evidently the BO machine thinks the more you are penalized for making your money work for you, the better. He knows that it would be better to tax you on your smart money and spread it around to those more needy than you. Kind of crazy, huh?

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