Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Okay you don't believe me then you GOOGLE obama and raise taxes. In 2007 there is news article on raising social security caps (tax hike) and a couple of more links.

Charlie Gibson didnt' even agree with raising capital gains. Barack thinks thats FAIR. PEOPLE if you have any need to sell a house or take retirement etc. you will be taxed on capital gains. It will KILL investments which affects the economy. It could cause a recession to go into depression. BUT its "FAIR".

Don't forget when those tax reductions from Bush expire then that is a TAX HIKE. Don't look at what you got look at tax tables from years so that you have accurate view.

I go back to my original early posts. People need to be less selfish and think of the BIG PICTURE!

Here are couple of links to various tax increase in the news

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