Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Democrats and Republicans all have reporters and interviewers that act as experts about foreign affairs. They have the movie and rock stars speaking out opinions about foreign matters over public airwaves. The nation gives adulation with clapping of hands, nodding of heads and exclamations of “wow they are so smart”. The names add up over time; Jane Fonda, Rev’s, Beatles, Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, etc. etc. ad nausea. These people say they speak for the common person and are widely accepted and LAUDED by the Democrats for the wisdom of these people.

Along comes Joe the Plumber who according to an Article in Business Journal does represent many of the plumbers and small business people across the USA. With head held high he asked Obama a question that caused the smooth polished speaker to slip and state his well known goal of spreading the wealth The next day he is laughed at by Obama and sneered at by Joe Biden and ‘dissed in a way that makes my head spin to think that THEY think they represent mainstream America, but cannot even relate to a plumber who works hard for the money.

Joe the PLUMBER, representing the common man, speaking out about foreign affairs as every other movie star or person in America is met with scorn. Today he made a speech and was met with FURY from the Democrats. They said he is just a person and has no authority and should be shut up. The irony of the Democrats parading their spokespeople as the common man and representative of public opinion.

The truth is shown in clarity - The Dems want no part of free speech from the common man they are supposed to represent IF his opinion on foreign affairs is not the same as theirs. .


WE THE PEOPLE are the government. At least let’s hope that’s what still the idea in this country…. Sadly I wonder if WE THE PEOPLE is still our guiding principle in this election. .

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