Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations to President Obama

Congrats to President Obama and his families and to the girls on getting a new puppy!

I am big McCain supporter and he did fight really hard. Without the economy dump (and don't get me started) he would have done even better. He did great considering the outspending and the backing and the news bias that has been documented.

President Obama had good campaign strategies as well and actually they did similar to what Rove did successfully years ago. I was impressed with the targeting of key counties as opposed to just states.
I will support Obama as president and hope his changes don't' come to fast because I don't' know if our economy can handle it. Stock market report today reflects not too happy.

On another note condolences to Michael Creighton family.

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lynnmosher said...

Great post! I wanted to thank you for posting on my blog about the election. I appreciate it. Blessings to you...Lynn