Thursday, February 25, 2010

OBAMA Video Clip shows he doesn't get it

That little video clip there shows Barack both gets it and doesn't get it. AT 40K you are just a couple of hundred over the line for Food stamps dollars. Many people at that level are having insurance that is either mostly paid for or totally paid for by the state. If you are self employed and earning that much you are generally earning much more and paying much more. If you can't afford teh premiums, Pres. Obama want to TAX you or fine you for not affording the kind of care that they have determined YOU need.

In watching the proceedings earlier it is clear that Pres. OBAMA has no use for people paying out of pocket for their own medical NOR for choosing what kind of medical they want. AS usual Pres. Obama glossed over many of the excellent points this Dr. made. His lecture about WHO the people were that the Dr. OUTLINED he listened to was patronizing to say the least.

Now I'm not sure I get it. I am on the fence here but I am pretty sure that anything the government does is bulky, gets bloated out of proportion and generally does not help my situation..

If you are in hardship you can't extend hardship credit terms - Thank you government

If you want a modification you have to jump through hoops - Thank you government
that is why only 1/2 of 1% are actually getting loan modifications

Now the numbers during this "summit" have me reeling. 1 trillion debt. He Ck for the 15 million that originally were the problem you could pay for their health insurance outright and still have money left over. Some people just dont' WANT health insurance. They jumped in teh months I wasn't looking from 8 million to 15 and now 27 or 30 uninsured. The costs of insurance will go up NO DOUBT (have medicare costs stayed the same? ) even though Obama swears it won't.

Lets see 15 million times 12,000 is not 1 trillion or is it 2 or 2.5 trillion I lose count of recent estimates.. I dont' know what it is as my calculator errors out at the high of number.

THATS IT lets pass a law.... no new bills allowed if the cost is more than a dual power calculator can handle without an error out message.

Watch more clips:

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And I have to agree its about time we got this transparency that was supposed to be in place from day 1. Maybe something good will come from all this poltical POPPYCOCK

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