Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 things to do when talking to Mortgage Holder or BANK

1) DO NOT go delinquent in order to try for modification. Get a forensic audit and negotiate with the bank BEFORE going late. THIS IS IMPORTANT the bank will tell you that you cannot modify because you are not deliquent. Once deliquent they will start modification process. PAY THE FULL amount paid previously, even if offered lower payments. Just trust me on that one.

2) Do not believe them when they say they will call back or fax you. Call them weekly.

3) Start a file with all details of conversations and all contact numbers. Keep computer copy and paper copy

The thing is home modification offers are temporary and take time. The temporary trial modification lasts six months. You should not hire a modification company, spending thousands as there are many scams out there. Instead try to find good advice, perhaps consulting with a couple of different attournies. Bankruptcy if you are too far down the road in payments can be useful solution that a SKILLED lawyer can help negotiate saving your home for you.

Check out websites about home mortgage fraud and the laws of TILA and RESPA.

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