Saturday, April 17, 2010

UPDATE to BANK INABILITY to answer a simple question

UPdate and please read the post before this to understand: I called the bank back, uneasy because of my inability to get information. First I was transferred to wrong department, the previous direct number was discontinued, one call was cut off and finally a transfer to the RIGHT part of loss mitigation customer service that could actually help me.

In talking the guy started out rude but as I explained he softened and said Maam the reason you didn't get the fax is that they requested the wrong payoff information. OH MY GOSH. are you KIDDING ME... and then he said the fatal words " I requested the right fax and it should be there in about 7 days" I to my shame folded and slightly raised voice, are you guys CRAZY??? The buyer has alrady waited one week.

Not only that they raised the estimate of pay off about 5K . Not sure what will happen so stay tuned as these are truly, "The days of our lives"!!!!!!

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