Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding a new home in 2 days: The best laid plans of mice and men

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Well in our sketchy reasoning our plan A for moving fell apart last 2 weeks ago and last week it became apparent that plan A is DEAD. Other opportunities have opened up. We called realtor representing the assert management team and asked about if someone were to buy our house, as is, and allow us to rent it - would they go for it?????? WE looked at what is available in the area for low cost and WOW, everything from bad location (next to the nuke plant) to needing a complete re-gut and remodel. Our friends house sold in record time (about 1 year less than most) The bank had it very low priced and the neighbor who bought their home has bought almost every property on their street. Who wouldn't buy 5 acres with orange trees and a decent sized house for about 100K?????

The last house we looked at needed kitchen, some mold removal work, new walls in some rooms, and new fencing and total repaint. Almost all windows need repaned. WE didn't get to see bathroom andI suspect the fireplace is filled with squirrels or birds. WE didnt' get to GO inside to check the house out thoroughly. It sounds like an adventure but is overpriced by about 50K or more. Without time to investigate more we wonder about the property - who knows if there are termites or worse??? Looks like ex-drug dealers lived there or land squatters. Hey maybe the bank would sell it to us for 2 thousand. Or pay us to live there for 1 year. HAHA


My friend is helping sort emotions and the denial is common for people like me, confronted with being forced to leave and the decisions it entails. If you move because of a job the choices are less. Here is is... can we pay this? Can we resell it? Is it close enough for schooling? Can we take dogs? Not fun choices and each one complicated by other scenarios. It is more than the brain can cope with, while working, fighting legal battles and trying to make sense of life.

For those wondering, we are looking for cheapest place we can find, so that payments are next to nothing. No we can't buy it.... 4closure kind of wrecks the credit. :) I will try to get pictures of some places available by banks in the low cost range on my next post so you can see what is available for those whose relatives or friends can try to help. Remember renting through normal channels is not necessarily an option. Plus we have dogs... at least we have dogs for now. Wanting to find a place to live that is temporary is harder than finding the place you want to live in for 5 or more years!


It seems there is lots of land squatting going on around town. On some properties the fencing is complete and secure, but on others it is apparently not cared for at all and fencing is down in places, if not completely destroyed. Meanwhile we found out that the deputy that handles all evictions has been on the job for a long time and LOVES his work. Looking at all the houses that have set empty in our 10 mile radius - I wonder how someone loves creating houses that attract vandals and teenage party spots. No wonder there are radio ads that encourage parents to teach kids that going into vacant houses is not acceptable.


WE are looking around our place with new eyes as too "why" we ever wanted to pay high payments and stay in our home .... and I know why..... even over priced by 3-4 x the value, we built this from scratch. We picked out the land and had semi-custom build on it. WE have cared for it, spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for fencing, curtains, landscaping and such.

That was back in better days income wise and the property values were low because it was waaaaaaaaaaaay out of town. WE made the unfortunate error of responding to refinance pleas by loan people to help build our business and buy other property. We had never in our lives refinanced before. BIG MISTAKE. Hindsight is 100% clearer as to path choices. Even still if the economy had held up our business would not have been impacted and we would still be okay.

We are still fighting for our home, but resigned to possibility we may have to move more permanently and not just move out temporarily. The court process is likely to take more than 1 year.

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