Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evictions on Father's Day? Foreclosures newest low

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Today, we feel fortunate! We are still in our home of almost 10 years and can celebrate one more Father's Day in our home. I wonder about other's as we were served our summons on Memorial Day.


My mind as I wake up has a fleeting moment of wonder: "Are there Father's out there receiving a knock on the door by the Sheriff's Deputy?" Do eviction notices, forcible detainer summons and other unpleasant things get served on Father's DAY??? I spend a few minutes pondering and the imaginative results of that question are so unpleasant, I jump out of bed to distract myself by making coffee. Unfortunately the thought haunts me, so I decide on FATHER'S DAY to craft a blogpost about it.

I hope not. If it is were summons to pay back child support that would be fitting but to be evicted from your home, or summoned to court in a forcible detainer action (eviction NOTICE) would be ultimately inhumane in my opinion and there must be humaneness somewhere.

For us we are spending most of day learning about how to fight foreclosure with friends, learning laws and procedures from JurisDictionary and updating our documentations notebook.

Happy Father's Day to my Dads and to my Honey!

We are celebrating this morning with coffee and phone calls to our family and then tomorrow, when all the kids are off work, we are having our get together. I rue the day that I ever wished retail and restaurants to be open on Sunday. ")

Do you have experience in forcible evictions on holidays? What do you think? Let me know via a comment - maybe you can help others. I have read that the banks stopped many foreclosure proceedings over the Christmas and NewYear's Holidays in 2009. But having had our SUMMONS served on Memorial Day, my mind wanders to today - Father's Day. WE are safe from the door knock becauase we are not being summoned and writs are issued Monday through Friday.

*** link to Juris Dictionary is referral link and benefits by a commission those fighting foreclosures

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