Thursday, August 12, 2010

Debt Counseling: Trending Yahoo's top 10 expose

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Economy worries are growing

Debt counseling is trending in the top 10 for Yahoo Search right now.I wondered what all the Buzz was about so I hopped over to Buzz, Twitter, Bing and Google Trends. NO, not trending there for the terms "debt counseling".

I did find out however that JLO (Jennifer Lopez) will not be judging American Idol and that Apple products are looking HOT. Matt Broderick is splitting from Sarah Jessica Parker but not a word on debt counseling! METEOR showers and Friday the 13th as hot topics. But, still no trends for "debt counseling"


I looked at top stories in BUZZ and found a possible reason that debt counseling is taking a lead in Yahoo Search and it is this one headline that is starting to show up in other searches now.

Americans grim over economy before elections: poll

People are hurting financially all over America. I have heard rumors that many people believe that America will be taken over within the next 6 months to a year. That makes sense as America runs much like a corporation and is in failing mode and ripe for hostile takeover.

I am supporter of fighting for freedom such as the efforts against terrorism - but is there a sinister lack of attention towards our economic well being???? Why are there more trends showing for celebrities and meteor's than for what is really worrying Americans? That answer I couldn't find but maybe you can! Or am I simply turning into a conspiracy theorist?


The second news story that is in top trends actually was written a couple of days ago, but hit top trends two hours ago.
People are waking up and getting prepared financially as much as possible.
  • Bankruptcy's are up and Arizona has highest number in region-
  • Foreclosures are out of this world over 1 million per year or MORE -
  • Job market is at 16-20% or more if you include those that gave up.
Check out a couple of articles from the news top trends on my news landing page. And let me know if you have any answers to the burning questions of why this is not on every top trend search. Comment below!

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