Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vulture investors are back and making a bundle - Yahoo! Real Estate

It is the best market for buying...... but where do you get the money if you were hit hard by the economic recession, depression or crisis?

We think that doing this in right way is great but what will it do to the economy... will this increase the housing bubble???? What do you think? Would you do it? Have your views changed from fix and flip to hold then fold?

Vulture investors are back and making a bundle - Yahoo! Real Estate: "NEW YORK ( -- These are the glory days of the residential real estate investor. Low prices, rock-bottom interest rates and stable rental markets have created huge buying opportunities.

'It's awesome right now. I don't think we'll ever see another time like this,' said Tanya Marchiol of Team Investments, which has operations in about 10 states but focuses mostly on the Phoenix market.

These investors are known to many as vultures because they swoop in and buy 'distressed properties' -- foreclosures and short sales -- cheap. Places like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami are popular because home prices there have dropped as much as 70%.

But how they're investing has changed. In the boom years, they would buy a property and flip it for a quick cash out. Today, they are holding and renting for hefty, steady incomes.">>>>> KEEP READING ITS GOOD

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