Thursday, August 5, 2010

How the Other Side Sees Us � Livinglies's Weblog

How the Other Side Sees Us � Livinglies's Weblog: "s a Pro Se, I have learned that reading appellate decisions about how claims fail is very instructive (even if it isn’t a foreclosure case). What you may soon learn is that you can lose right at the beginning (to borrow from Neil’s admonition to win at the beginning).
• Most pro se litigants know just enough procedure to kill their cases from the get go and even a skilled attorney brought in later can’t fix what was broken.
• Many attorneys write crappy pleadings and were a complete waste of money for their client.
• You have to put in the very long hours at a real law library. Find your state/federal causes of action reference texts and learn the rules of what you have to plead – or should plead – in your complaint or answer."

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