Friday, September 10, 2010

Daylight showing in Court battles for Fighting Foreclosure: Free Seminar

Are you delinquent, in foreclosure fighting eviction? Attend the free seminar Sept. 15th.  5 seats left.

I am JAZZED -  TODAY I found wins in appellate court and blogged  about the CO-OP going against HUD.  Awesome! 

THEN  one of my auditor friends calls and tells me one of my favorite lawyers won a forcible detainer  against my nemesis Tiffany and Bosco.   GO LAWYER GO!!!! 

Not only that on another case yesterday this same lawyer stopped a trustee sale.  Big Deal you say- you've done that?   WELL get this!!!  He not only stopped the sale - it is STOPPED UNTIL the litigation is over.  These things have not been happening in YEARS.. .I stopped my friend long enough to ask him WHY didnt' I get invited to this party???????


Another lawyer in our group  (by the way)  Won the right to a jury trial.... 1st jury trial granted in foreclosure cases in 30 years.  Oh yes it IS Arizona State law that you have the right to a jury trial  - but our commisioners (acting as judges) DO NOT GRANT JURY TRIALS.  They MUST think it costs too much to allow a person their civil rights.  Makes you wonder doesn't it? 

If you want to find out more about your options,  check out lawyers that "GET IT" or find out more about foreclosures in general - I have 5 seats left.  so EMAIL fast  

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