Monday, September 27, 2010

CHASE wrongful foreclosure on elderly couple : Jeff Barnes Esq.

NOTE: While this website page was  focused on trying to get WARREN to see that focusing on foreclosure is URGENT (as opposed to mortgage disclosures) this part of the article stopped me cold. as always, click title link to see full article date Sept 23, 2010

Foreclosure Help | How To Stop Foreclosure - Part 2: "n a separate case in Arizona where Jeff Barnes, Esq. is representing the borrower, Chase today attempted to lock an elderly couple out of a home owned by their daughter when there has been no sale, no transfer of title, and no possession of the property by Chase. We were told by the foreclosing “substitute trustee” law Firm Tiffany & Bosco of Phoenix that Chase had made a determination that the property was “vacant”. Apparently the goons from Chase did not even bother to look through the windows to see the furniture and furnishings in this fully occupied house before attempting to break the existing locks and replace them with Chase locks. Fortunately, the Chase stormtroopers were not able to accomplish their misdeeds this time.
This is the kind of rogue arrogance which needs to be brought to the attention of the courts. Those of you who follow foreclosure blogs know of the recent whistleblower who was working in Chase’s foreclosure department who has publicly stated that “Chase is in the foreclosure business”. Being in this business does not give Chase or any other servicer the right to trample on people’s due process rights. Sooner or later, Chase needs to be sued for its misconduct.
Jeff Barnes, Esq.,"

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