Thursday, September 16, 2010

POVERTY ? Speak for yourself 

Sept. 16, 2010 -  The government announces that almost 1/2 of the nation does not pay taxes, they are considered in the poverty level. With the rising poverty level and  the policies of the administration and congress it looks to be another lean few years. Sure on in 7 Americans are in poverty. We are technically one of those Americans affected by the poverty numbers. WE are not in poverty really - we ARE temporarily broke and looking forward to the future.  

I agree with Limbaugh in the audio clip below  that there is no excuse.   

If you follow this blog you know that we  have foreclosure looming on our minds 24/7.  Can't afford a lawyer  for fighting our foreclosure.  So we did what our parents and grandparents taught us - rolled up our sleeves and tackle the job ourselves. My favorite picture of my dad is the one of a hole in his shoe - reflecting his hard work.  He kept that picture to remind himself of how his hard work had paid off and what he did to achieve his goals in life. There is nothing wrong with hard work. 

The Government can tell us we are in poverty all they want.  I disagree, we are only temporarily poor. We knew we didn't have much to spare long before they informed us of this new status.   BUT;WE still have cell phones for working, and are able to  conduct business.  WE  still have 2 vehicles, with over 200K on them, and are conducting business which should bring us out of the situation  someday.   Sure we go without cable, without steak and more often than not the  fabric softener runs out.  AS long as we have TP, eggs and bread we are okay. 

Trips to visit family except in extremist of emergencies are out of the question and even then  donations are needed. Christmas is coming but the goose is nowhere near fat. Thank goodness we established long ago that store bought expensive gifts are no measure of love. 

We both work hard.  Probably harder than some people that are working regular jobs. Looking at the jobs around and the unemployment  numbers, I dont' think we would be better off in any other way. So we work hard, and fight the foreclosure  hard, and pray for a miracle.  We watch for new opportunities and take them.   Listening to the news is depressing -   If the government gets its act together, so that consumer confidence returns, fraud is dealt with and jobs are regained then we will thrive.  As one of my acquaintences said: 'I am looking around and anyone in office today better have a damned good platform for running again.  Almost every bum in office is going to get voted out by me for sure.  They need to address policies that are GOOD for America and not for special interests." 

Of course in two months we could be the people in that picture above. There is a saying that we are all only two checks away from being homeless.   I think its a bit more but the principle sounds right. If you have a job start saving as much as you can now! 

Today just minutes ago the President said: 

"Because of the recovery act and many other programs providing tax relief and income support to a majority of working families - and especially those most in need - millions of Americans were kept out of poverty last year,"  Obama .
more by Barack Obama 


Here are some news tidbits for your clicking pleasure,  and a video by Rush about poverty issues. 

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