Thursday, October 14, 2010

AZ AG Terry Goddard press conference tomorrow re: Homeowners Rights

Sometimes you just have to love Twitter it is so fast.  10 minutes ago I read this! 

 AZ Attorney General 
AG Goddard will hold a press conf tomorrow to announce a significant legislative proposal RE: rights of home loan borrowers in AZ

Now if you are keeping up on this issue you will have read yesterday that 50 states Attorney Generals have joined together to share information and  INVESTIGATE  the foreclosure fraud that has been occuring over the past 2-3 years. This fraud has been dubbed "foreclosure-gate" by some media. 

While investigating  is a great move it does not help those that  have already lost their homes.   It will however help many that are facing problems now.    WE are eager to hear what Terry Goddard has to say tomorrow regarding homeowner rights.  

You probably already know that 2-3 major banks have a foreclosure freeze in effect nationwide. So while that is happening, read up and get ready in case you have to fight further on your foreclosure.  Do not assume that anything is being solved.   Voting time is coming up and I encourge you look into the records of those you vote for.. are they covering up fraud or are they revealing fraud. 

REmember to have all 50 states involved means this is BI PARTISAN.. probably the largest Bi Partisan effort in years. 

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