Monday, October 25, 2010

Bank of America Finds Foreclosure Document Errors -

JUST OUT October 25, 2010: BANK OF AMERICA is slightly changing its tune. Although not the complete admission of guilt - it is enough for many homeowners to get a second breath. In some states this admission will help homeowners in their cause. In the judicial states it gives another 91 days breathing room to either launch a defense and prevent foreclosure or to go to plan B.
WE do know and have seen that the fraud is FAR BEYOND what BOA or BAC indicates... it is not a small number.

]Bank of America Finds Foreclosure Document Errors - "Even as Bank of America begins to restart foreclosure proceedings in 23 states on Monday, the bank confirmed that it had discovered errors, including incorrect data and misspelled names, in the paperwork it has reviewed.

For weeks, Bank of America has insisted its review had not turned up any serious errors, and emphasized that it had not found a single case where a homeowner was facing foreclosure in error.

But on Sunday, the bank revised its fairly combative public stance. Bank of America had found errors, but only in a tiny number of cases, Dan Frahm, a spokesman for the bank, said late Sunday.

“These are examples of exceptions that were caught early in the process through control steps,” Mr. Frahm said. “They do not reflect exceptions in final documents that are being resubmitted to the courts.”"

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