Monday, October 25, 2010

Restore the Sanity: Jon Stewart Rally Arizona style

October 25, 2010 :   Things are heating up for the Jon Stewart Rally.  Just 5 short days until the big event.  There are two Arizona  cities that are having Mini-Rallies or  Live Satellite Feeds with attendees.   In Arizona the two locations for you to have fun, meet others and Rally for Restoring Sanity in government is Phoenix and Tuscon.  

Location: Arizona State Capitol 
Address: Will update on confirmation, Phoenix, AZ
Local Time: Oct 30 @ 09:00 AM 

Location: Hotel Congress
Address: 311 E. Congress St. 
Local Time: Oct 30 @ 09:00 AM 

Grab your friends, get busy promoting and come to one of the rally's.  It is open to all party affiliations. 

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