Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homes in limbo, jobs at risk

MY THOUGHTS: OH PUUUUHLEEEEZE... if the government can't figure out that a person has a right to fight foreclosure and that over 6 million people are NEGATIVELY impacted by foreclosures then they do not have a right to govern.... Put the clearances through and monitor. Clear up those employees foreclosures first.

If having a foreclosure stalled messes up a few employees - well ding dong some of my friends LOST jobs due to losing home and having to move out of town.

Bail out the federal employees by buying back their home for them.. heck in the corporate world that happens frequently if a job candidate needs to move and sell a home, the company will buy it if it doesnt' sell within a few months. IT's called PROBLEM SOLVING and its about time the politicians did a little bit of it.

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Homes in limbo, jobs at risk: "This problem is especially acute in the Washington region, home to nearly a third of the the nation's 854,000 employees with top-secret clearances.

'Resolving debt is more complicated when the lenders are in paralysis,' said Dennis Sysko, a national security lawyer in Glen Burnie. 'The longer it is unresolved, the longer the cloud remains.'

Lawyers in the Washington area said they are starting to field inquiries about foreclosure delays from workers who have security clearances or are trying to get them. Many don't know whether they should be elated or concerned by the turn of events.

'I'm just really confused because nobody has made clear to me what this foreclosure delay means,' said Brian Young, a federal employee from Capitol Heights"

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