Friday, October 1, 2010

Matt Weidner Law Blog VIDEO: foreclosure defense, fight and crisis

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While sitting in court today listening to a person point out how the servicer DID NOT have standing to foreclose, did not have the proper paperwork to foreclose and how the lawyer has committed fraud that is acknowledged in other court cases.  In spite of that the judges willl still ask well didn't you borrow money.  They don't care if the RIGHT company is foreclosing, just that someone owes money and you deserve to have house taken away. Today the judge granted a little leeway and rather than schedule another hearing, he heard expert testimony. 

I agree with Matt in this video below .. it is INSANE  *imho THAT JUDGES, ATTORNEY  are not the ones finding the problems... We were just called tonight by a person that had note on  door, which was only notice that a SALE of her  house had occurred.   They are moving fast too.  People without legal help and without funds for legal help are taken advantage of, because The JUDGES and LAWYERS are not doing the right thing legally.

Watch and listen to this video as Matt speaks in a very clear way of what is happening.  Show it to your friends - the ones that think this is all a game to get the house for free.  This is a travesty in our economic, political and LEGAL  systems.    

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