Friday, October 22, 2010

RED COUNTRY video ad by CWAG: Foreclosure Fraud

BELOW is my shortened response to a rather blunt video about domination of the world through economic controls and crushing debt.   While it might be offensive to some, it is definitely thought provoking. BUT it made me mad for another reason.  It is the first time in YEARS that I've seriously though of voting out Republicans AND Democrats.  Because to tell the truth the political posturing makes me ill.  they are playing with over 6 milllion peoples lives for political gains.

RESPONSE:  The  video  posting on RED COUNTRY  is compelling but living and blogging about foreclosures, mortgage fraud and watching the political response as well as the judicial rolling over to big banks is giving us a reality check.  I am conservative republican and amazed that my fellow Republican leaders are not OUTRAGED and not moving to eliminate the fraud of the mortgage industry and foreclosure mills.   We stand for ethics and family values and yet are not addressing the MAJOR reason for our continued economic woes.   This fraud is wrong on SO many levels.

People are fast turning into one issue voters.. You have 6 million affected or soon to be affected homeowners who have been victim of the  biggest LAND GRAB in history. Even States are benefitting from the fraud by Federal dollars allowing them to BUY up victims homes which enriches the state coffers.  Settlements by Banks like Wells Fargo go to the State -  but not to those evicted from their home wrongfully or those who are not aware of the settlement.

BILLIONS of wasted tax dollars due to clean up fraud... I blog on this everyday... what I see in courtrooms when I visit to watch makes me CRY... and IT SHOULD MAKE YOU ASHAMED TO BE OF ANY VOICE IF YOU are not speaking out on this.  

I never thought I'd see the day when such a far left wing LIBERAL as OBAMA would be more in line with what my fellow Republicans seem to be doing - that is; no addressing of the issue, with one exception - investigate the fraud.   WOW  WHILE 10's of THOUSANDS people are MONTHLY SET FOR FORECLOSURE AND EVICTION (FROM HOMES)  A - mamby pamby -  PIDDLY LITTLE INVESTIGATION IS THE ANSWER????

You want to save money on government spending????  WE could have saved MILLIONS possibly BILLIONS by simply buying up all homes in America,  instead of allowing this mess that MANY KNEW about YEARS AGO and gave a wink to the banks fraudulent actions.

 GET READY and vote out ANYONE that isnt' addressing the fraud - even if they are Repubican, Independent, etc. Our Conservative bloggers must speak out, call upon the leaders to represent Americans once again.  Stop the fraud - Stop the  WASTE

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