Thursday, October 21, 2010

NEW YORK: Attorneys Must Verify Foreclosure Papers

New Court Rule Says Attorneys Must Verify Foreclosure Papers: "'We feel we have an obligation to make sure the attorneys do their due diligence and come to us with credible papers because the consequences [of wrongful foreclosures] are so great,' Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman said in an interview, adding that the new filing requirement is the first in the nation.

See a sample of the affirmation attorneys will be required to provide.

Attorneys must now certify, 'under the penalties of perjury,' that they have communicated with a representative of the plaintiff bank or lender and that they have personally reviewed all documents and records related to the case.

After making this review and 'other diligent inquiry,' they must attest that 'to the best of my knowledge information and belief, the Summons and Complaint and all other documents filed in support of this action for foreclosure are complete and accurate in all relevant respects.'

The court system's affirmation form notes that foreclosure filings in various courts around th" READ full article by clicking title link above

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