Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams: NPR - Fox and Free Speech v. Foreclosure -Gate

Well -  this might be a stretch from foreclosures,  but there are some similarities between what is happening to Juan Williams being fired  by NPR for his words spoken on Fox; and what I see happening in the foreclosure world.  AT least that is how my increasingly cynical mind see it.  I am seeing government control creeping in places where we least expect.

JUAN, as you may know,  made some remarks on a Fox show  - that National Public Radio assessed, disliked and fired him  - for words uttered.  Not much of a problem if its a corporation like  CNN -  however,  these are PUBLIC-ALLY FUNDED administrators in charge of the censorship of Juan; who was speaking  outside of his normal radio show.   Does that make sense?  He was speaking what many Americans are feeling and voicing.  Not words of hatred, but of observation. 

The Public-ally   FUNDED radio show  (via your tax dollars),  has fired Juan Williams for speaking words that are not government approved.   Now this might not seem like a big deal, but it is not the job of government to decide what free speech consists of.   Hate speech perhaps, but reflecting the views of the public at large is part of the job of Nationally Public Radio.    I may not know enough about this issue,  but it seems like a  "bit" of overreaching on the part of NPR.   

THE LIKENESS to foreclosures is that  Courts are deciding what the PUBLIC can SAY or not SAY in defense of themselves in eviction,  due to foreclosure.   Forcible Detainer  is the name;  and Silence the Defense is the game.   CENSORSHIP by firing the Defendant; also known as the  homeowner.    It is shameful what is happening to homeowners across this nation

Hopefully, NPR will come to its senses and retain Juan Williams.  If not, maybe Juan woudl like to write for my blog.  Not much money in it, but JUAN WILLIAMS could help save America, ONE HOUSE AT A TIME. 

For more in depth on this issue, see the NPR BLOG which covers the story. You can also check out this report from NPR and watch  video  below with remark about firing from  Juan Williams. 


Joyce T. Mann said...

I agree with your assessment of the Juan Williams situation. I am reminded of the Dennis Miller stand-up routine where he says, "it's not racist. It's called being minimally observant."

Tarun Khushlani said...
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