Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wells Fargo dismisses foreclosure doubts

NOTE: WELLS FARGO - HA! They made settlement with many Attorney Generals becuase of the fraud. Our state received 2 million and my friends were kicked out of their home by WF   illegally?  Secondly, the settlement for FRAUD with our state, does not provide RELIEF for those ALREADY EVICTED.  The ones harmed get the boot, while those still in homes get (possibly) a cut in principle - and/or 1-4% locked in rate for 30 years.   My friends LOSE  their 5 acre home previously valued at 500K was sold for 108K . Didn't even get a chance to have a relative buy it back for them. SHAME on WELLS FARGO for not telling the truth and for LYING again here.....  if there is no fraud - there would be no settlement! .

Notice they say we are confident... not 'WE checked and all is well'. No they say we are confident: Codespeak: Hope you don't double check us but if you do we can bribe the judge or politicians because we are too big to FAIL.

Wells Fargo dismisses foreclosure doubts: "'We are confident that our practices, procedures and documentation for both foreclosures and mortgage securitizations are sound and accurate,' chairman and chief executive John Stumpf said in a news release as the bank announced a third-quarter profit of $3.3 billion.

Stumpf's assertion appeared at odds with a March deposition in which a Wells Fargo vice president of loan documentation described engaging in the sort of 'robo-signing' that has raised widespread questions about the legitimacy of foreclosures.

The vice president, Xee Moua, said she signed as many as 500 documents in the span of two hours attesting to the accuracy of foreclosure paperwork. Moua said she neither verified the information nor understood t">>>KEEP READING

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