Thursday, May 5, 2011

What the heck... .admission of fraud Corrective Assignment? Linda Green

 I don't know how it is possible to correct a FRAUDULENT assignment.  It is not correctable. In fact it confirms the fraud.   How is the assignment now correct since MERS never recorded the proper assignments int he first place and the title is broken?   The chain of title broken, the loan repaid several times, the note separated from deed of trust????   OK they THINK they are correcting the assignment. Thank you Scrib'd for wonderful service.
Linda Green, Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment

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Anonymous said...

It's time we see some criminal prosecutions of these banks. But will we? I see that the banks are looking at settling for $5 billion dollars. Hmmm. Wonder where they got that money in the first place? If they are willing to settle for 5billion how much damage is really done? A lot I would say.