Saturday, October 30, 2010

UK economy impacted by EU membership: VIDEO

United Kingdom, UK pays high price economically for shoring up weaker European Union states. The title of the video says it all. "EU costs UK 1 block of gold every 100 seconds". Will UK be next in rioting?

Read the write up on the video by clicking video to watch on You TUBE:
"The cost of EU membership is unreasonably high and not worth it for the UK, argues Dr Lee Rotherham, a veteran from behind the scenes of UK-EU relations. Dr Lee Rotherham is an EU Policy Analyst at Taxpayers' Alliance and author of Ten Years On: Britain Without the European Union. He told RT that the UK's overall bill for EU membership, including direct and indirect costs for business and the whole country, could be up to £110 billion a year. However, he added that nobody knows that for sure because there has not been a gross benefit analysis of EU membership. Therefore there is a big question over whether UK taxpayers' money is being spent effectively, >>>KEEP READING

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