Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sign the Petition for John Stuart

For many of us in Phoenix there is one person that seems to be ahead of the curve in fighting foreclosures.  He spends countless hours researching, planning strategy, conducting meetings for learning and sharing information.  He does not charge for information but has helped in so many ways.   Right now he is in need of some support. 

If you know of John and his situation, you will want to jump right in and sign this petition.  John is still on trial after two years.  He is innocent of charges (acted in self defense) and has been in ankle bracelet for a long time, awaiting justice.

If you have benefitted from materials on showmetheloan.net or the mortgage-challenge group on yahoo groups (until earlier this year) then you will know how much help John has been.  

If you feel you can sign this petition please do so - it takes only a few minutes. 

Here is a copy (with permission) of an email I was sent, informing me of this opportunity to help. Many in Phoenix have already sent the CA (county attorney) and the State AG's  (attorney general) offices letters, but the petition will  "go to the weight". Please note if you use Internet Explorer, the link may not work properly. 

Subject: petition

I would greatly appreciate everyone sending out the following link to all of their email addresses and asking people to read the petition and sign it if they agree. I am having a lot of issues in my case and all of the evidence proving my innocence has been destroyed by the cops and other state agents. This is what they do once they figure out someone is innocent. It doesn't dawn on them maybe they should just let innocent people go.

Also, I could still use a lot more letters to the AG and CA, court isn't for a little while.

Thank you,

PS. I am getting a lot of those Boxbe email things that block emails. If you sign up for that I can't email you since I will not sign the agreement.

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