Saturday, November 27, 2010

TRENDING: Rove calls Palin move ‘smart’ – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

TRENDING: Rove calls Palin move ‘smart’ – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs: "CNN) - Karl Rove, also known as 'the architect' of George W. Bush's presidential campaigns, is calling Sarah Palin's upcoming Iowa book stops 'a smart thing to do.'
'That's a pretty smart move if you're thinking about running for president,' Rove said Friday on Fox News.

The former Alaska governor on Saturday will make the first of two stops in Iowa, the site of the first presidential primary contest, to promote her new book 'America by Heart.'
Rove, who served as Deputy Chief of Staff under former President Bush, said the new book 'gives her an excuse to be there as something other than a candidate, which is really important."

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