Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lawsuits against Foreclosure Defense Lawyers: Foreclosure issues in America

photo: public domain obama and bank officials

NOtice: This is opinion piece, my beliefs and observations. This is long but gives overview of what is happening. 

December 16, 2010 -  IN Arizona we have little in the way of actual out and out wins.  Scouring news and blogs daily  for glimpses of hope in the dark world of foreclosure fraud, and mortgage fraud, keeps us tuned up in tactics used by bank lawyers and others.  As in Florida, California, New York and other parts of the country we see F R A U D and illegal tactics used everywhere.   Recently having the notary license revoked of one robo-signers was a tremendous step in fighting illegal practices.

IN Arizona groups of homeowners were seeing problems with notarizations and signatures on foreclosures documents long before the issue hit the news.  Living in a non-judicial state has it's disadvantages. We watch with interest the predictions for 2011 and how everything is affecting this economy and next year's budget leaning towards hyperinflation.  We consider stocking up on foods through services, so that we will not die if the government -oops banks- continues their stupidity and cause even more economic crisis.

Lately it has been an out of body experience reading news.   Watching those that are outspoken at speaking the truth they see being attacked.  Aware that government officials have watched blogs is a creepy experience.   Seeing my own blog scrutinized by irs and the bar association is a little wild.  Knowing that the things I write can be viewed by those foreclosing on us is a little disconcerting.  But we want to share the knowledge of what is happening: the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable. 

This last two weeks, while I have been busy writing on other sites - trying to increase our income a little, news has come out of Matt Weidner being sued by Robo Signer  groups.  To me this is a complete IRONY - those that have conspired to take away homes without following proper procedures and illegally submitting documents that have avowed are correct to courts in other states is, "pot calling the kettle black".  

           ROBO SIGNERS: pot, kettle, black

There have been many instances of Robo Signers admitting IN DEPOSITIONS that they had little time to verify facts.   The banks found instances of problems and reported to the media of the problems they found. The banks may have minimized the amount of the problems but admitted they did. People have lost homes that did not have mortgages or were never late and have gone through the legal wringer. Knowing that steps are being taken to protect and speed up the illegal processes. 


In Florida there was gag order put in place, to remove a YOU  TUBE video of depositions by robo-signers.   COUGH COUGH, and we thought in America there was not only free speech, but legal proceedings were public. ACLU is stepping in to fight for a reversal of the gag order.  You CAN check DinSFL to see if there are still any video copies to save to your hard drive.  You can also check stopforeclosurefraud to see if there are any transcripts available. 


Judges like Judge Schack who uphold the law are few around the country.  Others like in Lee County make LAWS that give banks the right to foreclose without following rules.   This article by foreclosures blues, tells the sad, sad story that reflects the corruption we see in courts across America. 

We here in Arizona would just like the insanity to end, for people to really get how their FREEDOM and their way of life is under attack daily.  If the foreclosure fight is lost - EVERYONE in America loses.  The rule of law is being swept away and as a friend would say,  "We are slaves. We are guilty until proven rich."  

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