Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will the White House ever get it? Military legal suit results in bank foreclosure awards (video)

(note this is personal opinion and not meant as legal advice nor is it directed at any one bank.  my surmises are based on what I have read and learned. - you must check your own facts and draw your own conclusions)

3 years into foreclosure mess, with government programs a dismal failure and FRAUD issues not being clamped down on hard by legal means; the reports on the wrongdoing by banks toward the military is NOT surprising. 4000 military denied lower interest and protection by laws. 14 families foreclosed on wrongfully. Chase now admits it and apologizes according to various news sources, although I could not locate an apology quickly on their website nor on the chase military website.

It is galling to me that ANYONE has to fight to have rights granted.  Many foreclosures were denied TILA violations, we haven't even addressed toxic loan targetting all that much. The discovery of the robo-signed paperwork should have had MOST of the judges around the country, throwing some lawyers and/or bankers in JAIL.  It is a crime to record false documents. It is additional crime to present them in court.  It should not have been necessary to  call for a 50 state investigation.

It does not surprise me that the banks IGNORED military rights, just as they have in the past ignored Tila recissions and QWR (qualified written requests) and loan validation requests.
We are happy for the military issue being resolved. Marine Capt. Jonathon Rowles, was the person bringing this to attention!   Watch the video below to learn more.

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