Thursday, August 26, 2010

Temporary Restraining Order Granted in Arizona: Foreclosure mill grinds on

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Yesterday there was great stride forward in foreclosure fight. One of our group of foreclosure fighters won a Temporary Restraining Order right away. There are programs out there, yes, that CLAIM to save all homes. They are nationwide and the program is very expensive and NOONE can guarantee 100%... the claims are a little exaggerated. Arizona is a whole different story from the START.

Banks are not just favored, their outright lies are ignored in court. There are very very few evictions that are stalled, or postponed let alone denied. Evictions are based on ONE piece of paper that is usually not even an original.

Temporary restraining order to keep the bank from foreclosing until a lawsuit is heard is RARE. It happens but the games they play to get owners to just give up is incredible. That is one reason I recommend the JurisDictionary Course (see right column) for homeowners with little to no court experience. They need information fast. I do receive a small referral fee but have recommended this course before signing up for affiliation.

YESTERDAY a marvelous work of art happened. One of our group of foreclosure fighters won a Temporary Restraining Order right away. No waiting for decision. In the past several have had their TRO heard but the judge have had to wait for over a month for the judgement, usually a denial. To me this is signalling the end of the banks being taken at their word in Arizona. The documents used to reach this legal decision are available on the show me the loan website. There is also an upcoming seminar on labor day.


Rachel said...

this will help in other cases too.

Darla said...

Hoep so Rachel.... I think this is crazy good. There is RARELY granted a TRO in AZ.