Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Copper Building proclaims Justice is duty: Law and Justice

If you have been following this blog you know that I spend time going to court to watch hearings about foreclosures.  Often we see other types of hearings as well, federal, state, you name it.   The news is filled with reports of wrongful convictions, wrongful foreclosures and today even "cash for kids."

Suicides are on the rise and families are being shredded.  Almost all points back to a justice system that is not necessarily following the law - what else can explain the things that are happening. Sometimes it seems as if the law and justice are not necessarily the same thing.

There is an interesting building in downtown Phoenix, AZ . It bears the inscription "The first duty of society is ...JUSTICE."

You can't see the phrase totally in this picture, but take a look this was taken last week. In downtown Phoenix, the building is located  just behind the East Courthouse building on Washington St.
For many Justice is not swift - in court rooms you can sit and watch as hearings are continued time after time  or as people are sentenced that have already served months to years in jail awaiting sentencing. Apparently Justice is incomplete just as this court building demanding Justice is incomplete.

Justice for those evicted from their homes using paperwork that is signed by robo-signers, denies the very concept of Justice. The denial of jury trials by those foreclosed upon denies people their civil rights and sidesteps Justice.   Maybe instead of building ornate buildings with expensive copper the state should spend money investigating wrongdoing and corruption.It lends serious doubt to state or federal economic woes and lack of money, when you see such frivolous wasteful spending.  How can we lay off firefighters, teachers and other public employees when we spend money on COPPER for decorating a building?

Justice does not necessarily equal fairness according to some definitions found on line.    Black's Law Dictionary online, defines many terms such as Justice,  I am not affiliated with the website or product in any way.

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