Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Northeast Japan Hit by Another 6.0 Earthquake | Newstabulous - Headlines

Northeast Japan Hit by Another 6.0 Earthquake | Newstabulous - Headlines: "Continued lack of specific information from Japanese authorities has caused frustration and worries about the severity and amount of the actual radioactive fallout, including some missing data on temperatures of used fuel ponds at reactors 1,3 and 4. A senior IAEA official James Lyons claims:
“We continue to see radiation coming from the site and the question is where exactly is that coming from? Clouds of steam and smoke have been rising from No. 2 and No. 3 reactors, creating alarm recently but they are said to have stabilized again today. Again, we hear that the steam has likely carried out small quantities of radioactive particles…nothing to worry about…the quantities are not sufficient to harm humans.”
Temperature in reactor No.1 went up to 715-735° Fahrenheit, when it was constructed to operate at 575° F, according to a TEPCO executive.
As well as the area being very dangerous for its engineers, there are very serious questions about their slow disaster response and why the plant stored more uranium than it was intended to hold."

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