Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UPDATE: Earthquake and Nuclear News Japan

UPDATE MAR 23, 2011 -  Black Smoke is rising from reactor #3 (the one that is most worrisome) Some workers have been evacuated according to CNN broadcasts.  Pictures of damages have just been released you should check on CNN>

Tap water is dangerous for babies, Japanese government ask parents not to give it to infants.  The levels are 2x the legal limit for safety.  (I personally would not drink that water as adult either.) 

The original Mar. 11th earthquake has been upgraded to a 9.0 measure, according to USGS. The earthquake is now officially the 4th largest quake in the world since recordings began in 1930.

UPDATE:  According to  Examiner an EArthquake 8.9 hits Japan; Tsunami warning for San Diego read article for time expectation.

public domain possible coast guard picture

If you have been following my other postings, you know that the news in Japan is like a giant YO-YO.
Today the newest is that the nuclear reactors are still being worked on.  Steam is still being seen at the reactor sites.  The levels of radiation at the nuclear reactors in Japan are at insane levels. Particulates are being seen worldwide but are considered at low enough levels to not be harmful.  Food from Japan will be restricted as the nuclear plant sites radiated food within a 12 -50 miles radius. News varies and is not totally consistent. 

Tonight according to smh.com.au a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan.  There is no further damages to the nuclear reactors being reported.    

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