Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Foreclosure Defense Heats Up: One Notary Complaint down 10,999 million to go

Court battles are happening all over the country, as you read various blogs, you see various levels of success and failure.  Until recently, Arizona had few successes. We have had a few TRO's granted.  NOt much progress, but a lot considering the level of corruption in Phoenix.  We may exceed Los Angeles in corruptness. Recently however we have had in the foreclosure fight a few good progressive wins. In the area of notary complaint we have had a couple of notary robo-signers revoked license and/or disciplined.   One is a banner for the showmetheloan.net site.
       Please be advised that Kristin B. Lindner's notary commission has been revoked -source showmetheloan.net
That advisory is proudly displayed on the site, and rightfully so.  Anyone using that notary can now address (with more ease) the robo-signing by whichever bank is represented. If you have that notary, then you know which bank uses her signature.

It seems to be that going after the appropriate agencies that regulate lawyers, and judges should be next. I never thought that the saying "Justice is Blind" meant that courts would turn a blind eye to the mortgage, servicing and foreclosure fraud that has infected our country.

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