Saturday, April 16, 2011

Personal Update

Well it finally happened the bank's lawyers decided to move ahead with eviction, despite having no standing, robo-signed paperwork and never following the posting laws to begin with.  The courts would not schedule an emergency TRO hearing.... Even though the foreclosing bank has been settled with by many state attorneys for the same issues as our foreclosure... even with outstanding legal issues being resolved by state entities - the court judge would not even HEAR us let alone grant the TRO so that we could complete the lawsuit while living in the home.

OH well.  There is nothing wrong with living  in a 14 ft. travel trailer.   People do it for vacation all the time.  People lived in wagon trains, caves, and even in tents and teepees.   We are not afraid of  a little dirt, lack of hot water - etc.   We actually have it good compared to some. We live near some friends that are awesome cooks. Our kids are only 20 -30 minutes away/  The dogs are being housed by my daughter's friend, and they are not seeming to miss us much - with all the new adventures.

We did not expect this at this time or we would have had an alternative ready to go.  We are looking for an inexpensive home and hope to be resettled within two to three months, depending on what it takes to get in a new place.   Right now we are discovering things about HUD we never wanted to know and the apparant land grab going on by government appears to be just fine and  dandy with those NOT in foreclosure.  Oh well, their house may be next. Meanwhile the "gov" has come out with programs to help those u nemployed homeowners. When they will address underwater homeowners is any one's guess.

We found a great manufactured home with lots of land and a  garage.  Enough room for us and great price.  Problem???? Y UP    HUD -   Hud doesn't just sell homes, it sells them to whoever is willing to pay the most.  So speculators are coming in and snatching up all properties with 20% down, lowest payments and just a couple thousand extra dollars almost guarantees the bid win.  It's all smoke and mirrors - the same thing that happened before is happening now.  I have no problem with it, other than the price should be set and first come, first served.  Just my thoughts on how government should sell property. 

Back at the ranch - our internet sucks and it will cost 80 bucks a month to get what most of you get for 20-30 a month.  1.5 mg download speed.  Remember this is rural internet and the "gov" just gave out huge grants to help develop internet for rural areas... the result is awesome - decent internet at an obscene price. Have to love corporate greed.

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