Tuesday, May 10, 2011

50 State Attorney General Fraudclosure Settlement Has No Balls (scrib'd document)

I have to join the chorus of bloggers asking where is the justice.. "WHAT THE HECK?" is the phrase I have used with almost every piece of news about government cracking down on Foreclosure Fraud.  Our state and other states have during the past year received settlements from Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other banks individually - NOT ONE CENT has gone to help those that supplied proof of fraud and notified the attorney generals.   AT least not one cent that anyone in foreclosure fighting have reported. This report is so underrated that I hadn't even heard it on mainstream news. Of course we have been busy relocating due to eviction and trying to get situation under control - so we've been a bit busy.

The banks are not only getting away with murder - they are being REWARDED.  Check out the CEO bonuses. One bank was submitting a CORRECTED ASSIGNMENT - "what the heck?" the bank HIRES a notary, who commits robo-signing sins at the behest of the bank and the CEO's or those responsible for the procedures are not JAILED ?????  Committing FRAUD and knowingly kicking MILLIONS OF PEOPLE out of their homes with false documentation and oaths stating that the preparers KNOW the facts (lie) is CRIMINAL. 

If you were to knowingly file false documents in any county, you would be JAILED.  It has happened to many who have followed wrong advice. 

For those Democrats and Republicans concerned with the rush to settle - let me ask you this - IS 5 days enough time for you to locate new home (with ruined credit and lack of funds), pack all your belongings, find a place for your pets and still do all your normal activities?????  I doubt it.  If a person is renting and not paying that is one thing, however; WHEN THERE IS AN OBJECTION TO THE FORECLOSURE (nonjudicial) with all the crap that has gone on - there should be way more than 5 days granted, there should be more than 30.  If a person has complaints in process to legal entities then everything should be FROZEN until the proper authorities can make determination.

This country has its priorities screwed up.... everything gets done if you involve kids so lets tell it like it is.  Kids are being denied the right to graduate from their schools due to evictions.  They are denied the ability to stay in stable family environment and sometimes have to live apart from family,  This hurts grades and potential earnings from those that will be providing retirement funds via social security.  Think I'm kidding?   Lady GAGA gets it and is trying to raise funds to help homeless teens.   Communities with empty housing leave targets for gangs, or for those that just want to party.   Do yo think that is beneficial for kids??? 

The leaders of this country need to get the circus under control. 11 million displaced already and the market has still not bottomed out. Those that have been hurt by fraud in this housing crisis should be compensated.

THE SETTLEMENT as seen in the Scrib'd document below, has no balls.   Additional resources at end of post. 

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