Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Confidential Federal Audits Accuse Five Biggest Mortgage Firms Of Defrauding Taxpayers [EXCLUSIVE]

So they fine the banks.. and those that were evicted falsely will not receive one dime... they say that will happen but it wont'. It hasn't happened yet. Settlement­s are given states and it goes to lame programs that are supposed to prevent foreclosur­e or provide legal training to legal aid lawyers. Doesn't help those hurt by bank criminal actions. And the song plays on.

The judges are turning heads in courts because their pension funds are tied to the success of banks. I will blog this one too... check my blog to see the what foreclosur­e does to people, and learn more about some of the deviancy of the banks. This is tip of iceberg. most of the foreclosed homes are owned by government ,so was it government cheating itself in the case of FHA? Thikn Fannie Mae Freddie Mac all in bed together. oh yeah life is sure sweet... people lose jobs, houses, split families or lose pets all because these greedy jerks can't get enough money for the government­..... oh and don't think it doesn't affect those not losing homes, those still in homes are underwater and stuck until this is dealt with They should be pushing for all foreclosed and evicted to be made right..... ethics matter.
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