Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buffett invests $5 billion in Bank of America - Yahoo! News

Buffett invests $5 billion in Bank of America - Yahoo! News: "Buffett said in a statement Thursday he called Bank of America's CEO Moynihan to ask about investing because he considered the bank a strong, well-led company.
Berkshire will receive a dividend of 6 percent on his investment in Bank of America. Berkshire will get 50,000 preferred shares and warrants to purchase 700 million shares of common stock at $7.14 per share. Buffett can exercise the warrants at any time in the next 10 years. If he does, it would make him the banks largest shareholder with a stake of 7 percent.
An hour after the deal was announced, Buffett had already made a profit on paper of $500 million on the stock warrants thanks to a surge in Bank of America's stock price. After closing at $6.99 Wednesday, the stock jumped 87 cents or 12 percent to $7.86 Thursday. Bank of America's stock traded as high as $15 in January, before its mortgage woes worsened."

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