Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where We Live: The Crisis Of Foreclosures |

This article talks about the solutions for Connecticut... I dont' see how the government can stand by and allow all this fraud to take place and not step in and make things right FOR THOSE WRONGFULLY treated. NOT the corporations, not the cities, not the investors but for those who put love, sweat and tears into homes only to have the ripped off;discovering too late that they were targeted, lied to, misled, and often funds were not applied properly. Discovering too late that the banks did not follow the rules, the judges did not follow the rules and now some are benefiting financially from the wronged rising up in groups and demanding truth.

Where We Live: The Crisis Of Foreclosures | "Depending on the analysis you believe, we’re either still in recession, about to head back into another one, or in a painfully slow recovery.

The prime cause of this economic catastrophe has been known for quite some time - the sub-prime housing bubble that burst sending property values plummeting - and millions into foreclosure. "

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