Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Interview George Stephanopoulos and President Obama: Underdog 2012

Great interview by George, asking President Obama questions about his campaign.  Given the answers we have to say that President Obama is still generalizing, recognizing that it is hard to be specific in a short interview.   President Obama embraces being the UNDERDOG in 2012 presidential election.  Of course Americans love rooting on the Underdog in most competitions. 

I am relieved that  Obama understands the Bank of America debit card charges issue, and realizes that we are not better off than four years ago. I just wish he understood the economy and foreclosures better.  Foreclosures are perhaps one of the most important issues in America right now. You are witnessing this foreclosure issue compel fraud, erode civil rights and impact society in a way that has never been tolerated before.

President Obama made the statement that he wants to make things better for the normal average family (not exact quote).    IF SO HE"D BETTER GET A HANDLE ON FORECLOSURES and how it worked with FRAUD, TOXIC LOANS and abuses of contracts by the BANKERS not the homewoners.  How the foreclosure issues have impacted communities, families, pet and yes even healthcare.

Quite simply it seems foreclosures is not in Obama's vocabulary.
Check out the interview it is is interesting and he does own up that things are not better now than they were four years ago.

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