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I Fully Support Colorado HB12-1156 « defendyourhomefightforeclosure

note;  A friend in Colorado sent me a link to this blog with a question.  Please not this is not my title. It is the blog posts title. Her question to me is: Why isn't this "ATTORNEY " who admits to lying, defrauding people of their homes and committing perjury IN JAIL???  The Exact quote; "But why is it he has not been charged with perjury, dis-barred, and put in jail?"

This reminded me of how I  had security threatened on me when I was in court and simply asked if I could show the print out of 'new news' that proved the house was being illegally taken, that just the day before the banks were all being investigated for robo signing.  I asked when denied 3x -  if the laws mattered. Well maybe not quite so simply - I repeated the question a couple of times and might have been a little hot under the collar.  The point is SECURITY was threatened (after the judgement for the bank) to be brought to take me out.  WHY IS IT OK- FOR AN Attorney to knowingly present documnets that are not compliant with law?  Knowing that the Court will rely on those false documents TO STEAL PEOPLE'S HOMES?

If the attorney is KNOWING THAT THOUSAND OF THE COPIES OF DOCUMENTS ARE NOT COMPLIANT TO LAW - as BEING CERTIFIED AND TRUE, and yet after just the first few cases of realizes this does not inform the court as an officer of the court - HOW can that attorney still be in practice let alone out of jail?  Of course the attorney is now doing good. But so what? Does that help the admitted "tens of thousands of Colorado foreclosures" that he helped evict out of their homes - possibly causing early deaths, divorces, split familes, abandoned pets, abandoned neighborhoods?

WAKE  UP AMERICA - someone should be in jail! 

Read his letter in full by clicking on the blog  link below.

I Fully Support Colorado HB12-1156 « defendyourhomefightforeclosure: "As one of Colorado’s main Foreclosure attorneys, I was employed by Colorado’s largest Foreclosure Law Firm, in Denver, from 2009-2011. I am now in private practice specializing in Foreclosure Defense.

During my employment with this firm, my signature alone was sufficient to take away a person’s home – and – I was involved in tens of thousands of Colorado foreclosures. This was compliant with the law as it stood, and still stands.

Often, I was the face of the foreclosure industry. I conversed with thousands of borrowers, both in and out of court. I listened to their concerns, conflicts and struggles. In short time, I realized there was a huge discrepancy in power.

Colorado’s current laws unfairly allow lenders and law firms/attorneys railroad through the foreclosure process and hide (or gloss) over substantive issues. "

Further, the qualified holder statement avows the copy of the note is a true and correct copy of the original. In reality, this copy is rarely true or correct. More times than not, after inspection of original notes, there were additional endorsements that were NOT on the certified true and correct copy.  I was extremely and personally concerned how, in the majority of foreclosures,  these copies were being used as originals.

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