Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama administration 'guts' welfare reform with new HHS rule | The Daily Caller

Obama administration 'guts' welfare reform with new HHS rule | The Daily CallerReactions to Obama's changing law. Read the fulll article to find out what has changed in Welfare / Work requirements. 

“Simply put, if Congress had intended to allow waivers of TANF work requirements, it would have said so in the statute,” the pair wrote. “Instead, Congress did the exact opposite and explicitly prohibited waivers to section 407 work requirements among other sections of the Social Security Act.”

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"“By gutting the work requirements in President Clinton’s signature welfare reform law, President Obama is admitting his economic policies have failed,” Boehner wrote.

“While President Clinton worked with Congress in a bipartisan way on welfare reform and economic opportunity, President Obama has routinely ignored Republican proposals, rejected House-passed jobs bills, and imposed an agenda that’s helped keep the unemployment rate above eight percent for 41 months. Instead of working with Republicans to boost job creation, the president is simply disregarding the requirement that welfare recipients find work,” he continued.

Boehner concluded, “Welfare reform was an historic, bipartisan success – this move by the Obama administration is a partisan disgrace.”"

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