Friday, October 26, 2012

Richard Zombeck: Below the Fold: Wells Fargo Thumbs its Nose at Judge and Evicts Anyway

Richard Zombeck: Below the Fold: Wells Fargo Thumbs its Nose at Judge and Evicts Anyway:

I love this blog posting... And I am not sure which is worse. The banks ignoring FEDERAL COURT ORDERS or the banks telling  the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL that they will not hold up a sale one more time- it doesn't matter if the law was followed in posting procedures, QWR responses etc.

The law firm handling this case for the medically dependent woman who was evicted despite the FEDERAL court order to stop eviction procedures (taped to the door and held in woman's hand.)  said that Standard Operating Procdure needs to be addressed.

Thomas Friedman, a civil rights attorney at Stephen R. Golden Associates said in an interview:
We have no information at this time about any claimed 'standard operating procedure' within the Orange County Sherriff's Department. Second, we are currently more concerned with the clear, ongoing violation of Ms. Black's right to remain in her home, in accordance with the Bankruptcy Court's Order forbidding her removal, than we are in an unnecessary debate about applying standard procedure when dealing with severely disabled citizens. Isn't the answer to that clear? Finally, we have no objection where a police officer employs a reasonable standard operating procedure when the situation is 'standard.' But, if a police officer enters a home with his or her weapon drawn, and is faced with a disabled, ill, one-hundred pound female, in a wheelchair, holding an order that precludes the very act the police officer is engaged in, then, I would ask, should we be discussing standard operating procedure, or using good judgment?

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